NeuFang’s Updates and 2019!

First of all, Happy 2019!!

There is no secret, the upkeep for this sight is lacking. I just haven’t felt the motivation to posting anything. I’ve been playing games, on and off. And, it’s about time to give the first update of the year.

RuneScape Updates

Nothing major to post here. I’ve recently added membership to my Ironman account. I did this right before the mining and smithing rework release. I have mainly spent my time with this update. My Main account is still behind on exp gains. I’ve been logging into it to collect my Daily TH Chests. Been doing my daily tasks for DG and Slayer, to get them closer to 120. My Skiller has been even more neglected than my Main. I have let it become F2P and haven’t log on since November (2018).

I have set a few goals for my ironman, in hopes to achieve them. They are the following:

  • Achieve 80 Smithing/Crafting/Divination to unlock access to the Invention skill.
  • Achieve 75 in the skill required for access the Priff
  • Max and control the world of Ironmen

DDO Updates

DDO is where I’ve been spending most of my time. I have a few updates I would like to share with you. By updates, I mean the past lives I have finished on Glorei. As this is the only character I’ve been playing.

Glorei has finished her Wizard and Favored Soul x 3 past lives. I have then proceeded to skip past my plans for grinding Epics. Instead, I’ve gone for my remaining Sorcerer lives. I played Sorc life 2 as an Eldritch Knight Sorc. Coming up with my own build, and testing it out. I should probably give the Forums post an update. Once I do, I may added it as my Sorc build for this site. I am currently working on Sorc life 3. This time, I plan to do a basic Sorc with the Fire Savant tree.

MineCraft Updates

Nothing to post here! My current PC is getting to trashed to keep up with the new packs being released. As a result, I’ve just given up playing until I can buy a new one.

Wrap Up

So, this is where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. Nothing to major, just some fun and games. Until next update, Take Care!

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