NeuFang’s Updates and 2019!

First of all, Happy 2019!! There is no secret, the upkeep for this sight is lacking. I just haven’t felt the motivation to posting anything. I’ve been playing games, on and off. And, it’s about time to give the first update of the year. RuneScape Updates Nothing major to post here. I’ve recently added membership to my Ironman account. I did this right before the mining and smithing rework release. I have mainly spent my time with this update. My Main account is still behind on exp gains. I’ve been logging into it to collect my Daily TH Chests. Been … Continue reading NeuFang’s Updates and 2019!

Potential Future of the Site/ Glorei Update

Potential Future of the Site I am going to start with this, the site may be renamed. This site is based around the MMORPG called Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO). This has been the center of the site, and the primary reason I started it. As most (probably everyone) know DDO, and most other MMORPGs, don’t have the largest following. The online MMORPG community is divided between so many games. With this being said, I have an idea of what I would like to do with my site. The plan is to open to other games, still including DDO. This … Continue reading Potential Future of the Site/ Glorei Update

Glorei’s Next Life

Glorei is pulling into level 20 on her current Favored Soul life. I’ll have to go into Epics, to farm for some Tokens of the Twelve. The plan for next life, is an Illusionist/Enchantment/Lich Wizard. Going Deep Gnome, for several reasons. These being Deep Gnome Iconic PL, Wizard PL, and a forced Epic grind to 30 to collect more Tokens for future lives. I will have to farm for the Heart Seeds as well. Here is the Planned Build (Subject to Change): Wizard 20 True Neutral Deep Gnome ———————————————————————————————————————— Stats Strength                6 Dexterity  … Continue reading Glorei’s Next Life

Welcome to My Journey

This is the first post of my Adventures. I don’t have the idea of what this will become. I haven’t planned much yet. The site will change frequently, until I find a fit that I like. I’ve only selected a pre-made theme and customized a few aspects of it. The free ones I’ve see, are not the best. As I type this post, some Idea that come in mind: Follow character progression of Glorei (Perhaps other characters, later) Create some build, gimps mostly Well, that is all I can think of… I hope to capture some great moments, and make … Continue reading Welcome to My Journey