Spelled Death


Spelled Death, Ranger

Page is a W.I.P. I will be coming back to edit. Basic backstory of Spelled, She is the second character I am building on Khyber. No past lives, so I will be listing my current plan for Heroic Completionist. I will later be updating something perhaps like, why am I choosing this class before another.

The List Explained

Current list explains class, play style, Race (If Iconic). The basic plan is to swap between Melee/Range/Caster, this is to prevent burned out on one play style. There is also, alternating Iconic lives. This mainly is to prevent tiring of Token of the Twelve grinds every life. This is one reason I started with Iconic, to passively gain tokens on for the next few lives.

Plan for Spelled’s Heroic Completionist grind:

-Ranger (Aasimar Scourge) (Melee/Range)
For Range Damage

-FVS (Caster)
For Spell Pen

-Fighter (PDK) (Melee)
For Attack Rolls

-Arti (Range)
For Int/UMD

-Wizard (Deep Gnome) (Caster)
For Spell Pen

-Monk (Melee)
For Damage Rolls

-Bard (Caster)
For C/R/M Order

-Rogue (SDK)(Range)
For C/R/M Order

-Barb (Melee)
For HP

-Sorcerer (Caster)
For SP

-Cleric (Morninglord) (Caster/Melee/Range)
For Conjuration/Turn-undead

-Druid (Caster)
For Comp

-Paladin (Bladeforged) (Melee)
For C/R/M Order

-Warlock (Caster)
For MRR/Best Solo